Help people eat healthy when dining out and raise a healthy diet habit without being afraid of enjoying the food in restaurants.
UX/UI Designer
Project Focus
Graphic Design
Design System
Oct to Dec, 2020
Team of 3
🤔 There are already countless dietary apps. Why would we like to design a new one?
The Context

After downloading a bulk of apps, we found that all of them could only track calories when you cook at home. And scanning barcodes on grocery packages often can't work well.

A common situation is that people on a diet are afraid of eating out, which may cause eating disorders or other mental issues. The reality is that, there are way too many healthy restaurants even fitness people can enjoy as well.

The Problem

There is no existing health and wellness app designed for people who love eating out.

Our Goals

1. Help people track calories and nutrition when eating outside at restaurants.

2. Create food diaries for users to remember wonderful moments spent with friends or family at restaurants.

3. Cooperate with local restaurants to popularize their business as well.
🍷 How people behave when eating out?
The research we conducted helped us understand user needs of a restaurant food tracker, and current pain points of controlling diet when eating outside.
User survey
Survey result
User survey
Interview result
“I’d love to track what I eat in a day, but find it hard to do so when eating out in restaurants, and then I totally give up tracking.”

1. Time-consuming is the top barrier to keep tracking food intake.

2. People often indulge themselves in restaurants since they don't know how many calories they eat at all.
🧠 How we came up ideas and prioritize the design solution?
First, we conducted 8 sprints of brainstorming to think about all possible solutions.
8 sprints ideation
Then we applied the "Reverse Brainstorming" and "How Now Wow" methodology to rate the feasibility and creativity.
Reverse brainstorming
Reverse the problems and ideas
How Now Wow rating metric
Wow section has the best solution!
Our prioritized features are:
📈 We think further about the product lifecycle
How to earn profits and attract loyal customers is important to better serve our product goals. We proposed two product principles:

1. All-in-one restaurant menu
Cooperate with NYC restaurants to build an inclusive nutrition info database.

2. Feed user’s specific needs
Help users with diet preferences to plan what to eat out in restaurants.
Business model
Business model
After making sure our product concept was strong, we designed the user flow and MVP pages.
User flow
🪡 We designed the product to be pixel-perfect
In a remote class, we were aware of the importance of effective communication. We made a design library according to the Material Design guide, and thus everyone could follow it to keep consistency.
Design system guide
Interactive Prototype
Is this what the end looks like? Yes, yes it is.
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