Deliver end-to-end project in 4 months. HireBeat is an all-in-one video interview platform with AI-driven recruiting tools. I designed end-to-end, production-ready features in a highly collaborative environment.
HireBeat - All-in-one career training platform for job seekers | Product Hunt
HireBeat - Automated interview platform that accelerates hiring process | Product Hunt
Lead Product Designer
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SaaS Startup
June 2020 - Now
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πŸ‘‹πŸΌ Get to know my responsibilities

Starting from the only product designer to leading the design team of two, I delivered each feature working in a cross-functional team under the agile process. I analyzed user research and usability testing results and made endless data-driven iteration.

I created various high-impact user flows and pixel-perfect interfaces. As my achievement, I successful improve the conversation rate by 40% in 2 weeks.
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πŸ’‘ Tackle prevailing problems
For employers, current talent hiring process is a long and costly process, especially after working remotely.
πŸ” Satisfy core customer needs
I had coffee chats with HRs from small to midsize companies to figure out their pain points and expectations in hiring candidates.
The hiring process is time-consuming. HRs approved the one-way interview method to access candidates at scale.
πŸ—‚ Determine MVP and backlog
Our team works agilely. After had a clear understanding of our stakeholders, competitors, and product scope, we discussed product sprints and prioritized MVP together. I constantly communicate with the leadership team to align product goal with the business grow and scale.
I was aware that product sense and coding knowledge are essential for the designer. From one side, I assisted PMs to ship and polish PRDs, and from the other side, I advocated for SDEs considering the development cost.
Asynchronous video interview (AVI) provided to HRs/employers from lean teams
πŸ“ Challenges I came across and negotiations
First, it's important to define design principles

Efficiency, information clarity, and intuitiveness are the key factors which always guided my decision making when I designing for enterprise features.
So, I got the design goal:How to save HR's time and effort to screen candidates at the 1st round?
Determine the top priority
Currently, users need to fill out name and email 1 by 1 manually.
Original version
My aim was to make the invitation process more automatically.
Brainstorm different approaches
After voting within the product team, we reached an agreement that bulk-uploading and auto-fill feature would be the most efficient method.
Push back to the feasible solution
The PM and design team put forward such an intuitive and convenient feature. However, there were a lot of push-backs with the engineer team. We both made appropriate compromises and successfully launched the bulk-uploading feature with minimum cost.
πŸŽ™ Mix two ways of adding interview questions
Users can add their own questions or select from our question bank (a premium feature). How to inform users they have two options?
When I tested the prototype, a usability issue was that the question checkboxes have a high false touch rate. To solve this problem, I enlarged the padding and distinguished selected questions.
✍🏻 Enhance the usability of accessing applicants
Reorganize the display method for better information accessibility.
Swap the review and action modules for better space utilization.
🌱 I contributed to customer growth

At the early stage, instead of monetizing the product, the main focus is user base acquisition and engagement within short period of time. KPIs that measure the success of product design in this prong are:
#1 Daily active user (DAU)
‍#2 Time spent per DAU
‍#3 New registered users
‍#4 Daily sessions per DAU
‍#5 Retention rate
However, we met an issue thatThe conversion rate of Β landing page was deficient after the initial launch.
Learn from the data and user behaviors

Firstly I asked Business Analyst for help and took a look at Google Analytics, and I found the insights:
The refinement
I refine the information architecture of navigation bar to gather our services under the "For Candidates" tab, increasing the understandability and focus.
Old navigation bar
New navigation bar
The impact
Through reframing the information architecture of the navigation bar, The conversion rate was increased by 40% in 2 weeks.More visitors clicked on features under "For Candidates" so that the retention was greatly improved.
What I did further?

Our current goal is to increase the clicks of sign up, so that the first impression is critical. In order to find the most engaging landing page, I made 2 variations for landing page and delivered them to A/B testing using Google Optimize.
πŸ₯³ I'm super exciting to ship the product at a startup

What was my proudest achievement?

From zero to one, I delivered the project on a web platform in 3 months under lots of technical constraints. Starting from the only product designer to leading the entire design team and documenting the design system, I learned how to take an initiative.

What would I've done differently?

Engaging engineers in the earlier stage
Designers can’t work solo. Our product has technical constraints introduced by existing framework and APIs, so that I would engage engineers in the early stage. When there is a disagreement, go back and ask valuable questions. Effective collaboration, reasonable negotiation, and necessary compromise should never backfire on design solutions.

What I learned from shipping a REAL product?

Design is about empowering a business
Making things look good and work well is not enough. The most crucial part of the design is creating a successful business. Setting up metrics helps the team to better align the solution with business goals and informs design decisions.
Prioritization is vital for fast-growing startups
Knowing what not to do is equally important to knowing what to do in a limited amount of time. The minimal viable product or our first baby might not be perfect in features, but we can keep iterating and plan future steps.

Is this what the end looks like? Yes, yes it is.
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